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Tattooed, Pierced, Dancer and Psychology student. Aspiring Magician and Mentalist



Whats next?

19. September 2014

My grandad is still fighting cancer, its terminal but hes kicking butt!
My uncle recently had a heart attack, we lost him for 60 mins but hes in a somewhat stable condition now, doctors say its not looking good though.
My mum isnt coping, shes struggling financially and mentally. How can I open up to her about how im struggling now? Its the lastt thing she needs :(


I would be such a happy person if I weighed less.

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Struggling tonight.. I have nothing with me to cut with and I’m begging for the end :,( i cant cope with this all the time. Im sick of fighting the urge to punch every reflection of myself.. All the shame and the pain. I’m not strong enough for all of this. Everybody leaves in the end, why not make it easier for them all and just leave myself