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Another triggering blog from a nobody in England.

Aspiring Magician and Mentalist

For that person who just sent me a message about finding light in darkness.. Thank you so much, it was beautiful!

Anonymous: Don't push him away. It's not selfish. If he truly cares about you, and from what he did shows the he does, get close to him, no matter how close you get it won't bother him. Who knows. Maybe he is the light with the answers that you search for.

I wish I could see it that way


anime horror on We Heart It.

Depression Blog ☼☂

5 hour walk.. Lots of thinking was accomplished!

I heard my mum crying and I knew straight away.. Time for that walk I planned earlier.

Im trying so hard to hold it together. Today is making me realise how effective my antidepressants were.

Im going for a walk tonight, nobody will find me this time. I want to end it all so badly.

Nothing says pathetic like drinking the night away by yourself. A girl I went to school with has asked me to go to town but im not sure im in the mood.