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Drive my soul

Another triggering blog from a nobody in England.

Aspiring Magician and Mentalist

I’m already dead inside.

Last night was both good and bad

I met some lovely people who enjoyed the magic I shared with them.. Though the whole time my mind was somewhere else.

I met a guy a month or so ago, we had been talking, flirting, he kissed me and seemed to like me back. I was walking to the pub where I performed yesterday and walked past him on my way.. He was holding hands with a pretty, skinny, blue eyed, blonde haired beauty. It just wrecked my evening :( I never get involved with guys for reasons like this, i’m never good enough! I thought he was different but i’ve learnt my lesson now.


Always forgotten and left behind…

on We Heart It.


Tonight will be a night like no other, if I make it through I’ll be sorry.